Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have a Red, White and Green 4th of July!

We all know what the beauty of July 4th is... its Fireworks! Along with the mesmerizing florescent colors we will be seeing on this Holiday, we will also see gunpowder fall out to smoke and dust that contain various heavy metals, sulfur-coal compounds and other noxious chemicals.
I'm sure all the fun we will be having on this day with stuffing our faces, blowing crap up and spending time with people you hate, I mean family, should be well worth the pollution and the destruction we will be causing upon the atmosphere. I mean blowing things up is an American Pastime!
Though we could all replace Fireworks with ribbon streamers, but who is going to do that? I mean Ribbon Streamers... really? Just make sure the paper used in those ribbon streamers is green certified. I personally believe we should all work together and start pushing for the mass manufacturing of gun powder-free biodegradable fireworks for next year.

but let's not fool ourselves...there is no Green on 4th of July

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